Christmas Update

Best wrapping paper ever.

Best wrapping paper ever.

Well its knee-deep in leftover turkey that I bring you this update, so I thought it only appropriate to do a short round up of gaming news, good gaming gifts and things to look forward to. So in the spirit of the everlasting and eternal with which Christmas is now loosely asscociated with, I bring you something else just as everlasting – Duke Nukem Forever …and ever. That’s right, the unfortunate title is not actually dead, at least according to Scott Miller, CEO of 3D Realms, despite the various lawsuits and speculated release dates. He claims that in the next few years there will be a “resurgence” of the Duke Nukem IP. More info here – just let it die!

Adding to the already comprehensive evidence of the importance of the games industry within the entertainment sector is a new report from the Daily Telegraph showing that Britons spent more on games in the past year than movies (that’s DVDs and cinema visits together) totalling up to a wopping £1.73bn compared to just over £1bn at the box office. Mainstream media is slowing pulling itself out of its own ignorance, and the more this continues, the better acknowledgement games will get. It took the global event of Modern warfare 2’s release to even alert some newspapers that men over the ages of 21 actually played video games and they subsequently published whole articles on how astounding it was – lets hope for a brighter future. In news from the US various studios are reporting layoffs such as Futuremark, but on the positive side,  a recent developer census chowed that there has infact been a slight rise in employment over the pond – glass half full eh?

I mentioned the importance of DLC a couple weeks ago, and the avalanche of downloadable delights is proudly rolling forth right now. All the Fallout 3 DLC is now available for half price on Xbox Live should you need to get your post apocalyptic fill, and you should; Also up for the picking is all the CoD:WaW DLC for just 2000MS points, though im still yet to figure out why you’d be playing that, what with god’s Infinity Ward’s gift to gamers being out there on the shelves. We also have brand new content for our pleasure including Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot for Borderlands which is out now for Xbox gamers, and January 7th for the PSN. Finally we have some Dragon Age: Origins DLC to look forward to, coming out next week – dig deep folks – afterall, its Christmas.

Speaking of Dragon Age, its one of the many delectable gifts I received this festive season and im thoroughly enjoying it – but its very much an RPG fan’s wet dream, so hardcore FPS’ers should stay clear for fear of pointy ears and swords. I also received WW2 sandbox game The Saboteur and I’ll be posting a review up in a week or so with my thoughts.

If you happily received Modern Warfare 2 this Christmas or any other time, you will, apparently be going straight to hell, at least according to a Maine Christian group who are saying all decent people should denounce MW2. Ironically, all those loonies are doing is giving the game with all the publicity in the world, just a tad bit more; Morons. And while we’re on the subject of Infinity Ward’s Shooter, I feel its worth mentioning that its topped out the illegal download charts this year unsurprisingly, being downloaded 5 million times – bit of a shame really; TV shows and music are one thing – but don’t bother illegally acquiring such a damn fine game.

Christmas is also a time for sharing, so I’ll underwhelm you by sharing the videos and links ive been looking at recently that you may also enjoy. Firstly, spoiler warning, as Mass Effect 2’s Achievement list has been leaked, you can find that here, Then we have a couple of videos on YouTube which apply the mythbusting method of the popular TV series Mythbusters to Modern Warfare 2 – a match made in heaven; and you might just find out some interesting stuff or at least some new methods to torture noobs. Lastly I’m a huge fan of the Inside Gaming series, so what could be better than a games-related comedy web series featuring the host of Inside Gaming, Adam Kovic, AKA The Dead Pixel? …..not much, so here it is.

Finally, its time to do as Noddy of the 1970s band Slade did and look to the future because we’re in for one hell of  year this time round, especially in the opening months. Not only are we getting some fine DLC for Assassin’s Creed II for only a shiny nickel or two, but we’re in for some blockbusters as well. Topping my list is the space epic, Mass Effect 2 – Bioware know what they’re doing, and as an added bonus, have apparently made this sequel much seedier and adult – fun times. Also looking bloody fantastic is Rockstar’s Wild West offering Red Dead Redemption; the gameplay trailer looks bedwettingly-good I’ll have you know. Then of course we have some great potential in the FPS area with MAG, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Bioshock 2, not to mention Splinter Cell Conviction and other big titles coming later on such as Brink. So thats it for now, not much actual news for this week – I hope to update much more regularly in the coming year and wish anyone who has stumbled across this blog a merry Christmas and belated new year!

December 30th, 2009
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