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I’ve been very busy lately, and as a such, have failed to update My Two Senses for a while, but I’m hoping that wont happen too often, so my apologies for any readers there may or may not be. Also, in the interest of self promotion, here are two articles I wrote for the wonderful technology and games site Zath; there’s a roundup of the goings on and shenanigans at PAX East and a somewhat late review of Heavy Rain. Anywho, here’s some of the latest info and reveals on upcoming games – I hope to have a general news and frivolous things article up tomorrow evening!


> Halo: Reach

First up, with some interesting tid bits, is the game on every Xbox Live enthusiast’s Autumn games-to-get: Halo: Reach. The folks over at Bungie have been kindly releasing extensive features on the final installment in the franchise, concerning everything from weapons to vehicles in both multiplayer and campaign – the blog is here and Bungie’s podcast has some interesting interviews with the developers, should you crave more Reach.


> The Conduit 2

The sequel to Nintendo’s answer to the hoards of Xbox and Playstation FPS’s, has recently been formally announced and is once again, exclusive to the Wii. For this generic outing, High Voltage Software have you thwarting an alien invasion and introduces a brand new co-op mode for both split screen (4 players) and online, along with multiplayer upgrades and such. I sincerely hope this improves upon its intuitive yet fairly unremarkable predecessor, as the Wii audience deserves its fill of mature games, and by mature I mean blasting aliens with large guns.

> Vanquish

Vanquish‘s Russia vs. America (why isn’t it ever the republic of Andora against the US – always with the Ruskies) plot, thanks to Famitsu, the Japanese games magazine, has been somewhat filled out. It all goes down in a space colony, known as America’s 51st State “Providence”, which is a solar energy plant for the US. And so a Russian resistance group promptly destroys San Francisco, promising New York the same fate if the US does not surrender. Our main character Sam Burns, is on his way to Providence when these kafuffles go down to test his suit, and is also, given orders from the government, unknown to us yet.


> Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Activision has revealed the new webslinging sequel allows the player to enjoy 4 different dimensions or worlds of our arachnid associate, two having already been announced: The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man Noir. The developer, Beenox presumably plans to get the best out of all the Spider-man iterations after Treyarch kinda dropped the ball on Web of Shadows. Shattered Dimensions is due come out this September.

> Saints Row 3

A real deep exposé here, THQ VP Danny Bilson told CVG “The next Saints Row is mind-blowing…New tech; mind-blowing. I can’t talk about that too much but it’s mind-blowing.” The sequel to the crazy but ingenious Saints Row 2, is due to be revealed at E3, then released sometime in 2011.

> Mafia 2

2k Games have just released the first Dev Diary for Mafia 2, a game which they’ll have you know contains a terrifying 22 thousand page script and I’m taking their word it’s not written on post-its. The post-war sandbox game, set to release August 24th already has DLC planned and if you’re even remotely interested in the game or the workings of the criminal underground in 1945, then the first diary is worth a gander.


> Medal of Hono(u)r

Although DICE is going to be responsible for the multiplayer segment on EA’s rebuttal to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s producer Gordon van Dyke wants you to know that hes not planning on giving MoH exactly the same treatment as his previous game. In an interview with IGN, he stated “people shouldn’t expect a clone of Bad Company 2 for Medal of Honor’s multiplayer”, which is nice to hear, and I have good faith in DICE, given their extensive online multiplayer background and my love of the Battlefield franchise.

> Fable 3

It appears Jonathon Woss Ross is lending his voice to Lionhead’s Fable 3, as a tweet of his confirms “Gotta go. Am doing Fable3 today! What larks, Pip!”. The wenowned chat show host is nice addition to the voice cast, but I’m still swooning over the announcement of John Cleese’s involvement, so even if Fable 3 turns out to be steaming pile of over-hyped proverbial crap, we can be assured it’ll be nice to listen to.

> Crysis 2

In case you missed the PC Gamer preview, Crysis 2 is set to take place in New York with a greater emphasis on player freedom, an updated nano suit and combat that’s described as “catastrophically beautiful”.  The executive producer, Nathan Camarillo told PSM3 “We’re aiming to set the graphical benchmark,” and I’d be surprised if they didn’t, given the original game’s amazing but memory intensive graphics. However what is interesting and a little surprising, is that Crysis 2 will apparently have lower system requirements as well as now being available to the major consoles. Crysis 2 is looking to be launched somewhere between July and December.

April 5th, 2010
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