Weekly Picks 2/2/10

Just a selection of useful and useless links from around the interwebs for your viewing pleasure/disgust in case you haven’t seen them already.

  • The Tester – Sony have delved into the trashy yet addictive world of reality television. In this competition, exclusive to the PSN, contestants get the chance to become a contracted games tester, by being tested in a number of completely unrelated and inexplicable ways. The show features a few well known names as well and Hal Sparks’ hair; it premiers on 18 Feb – take it or leave it.
  • Gausswerks: Design Reboot – An altogether more sohpisticated pick, to make up for reality TV. This blog I stumbled across is owned by an independent games designer and concept artistĀ  who unapologetically “enjoys starting rather than finishing”. He ponders everything from character to level design on recent games, dissecting rather than reviewing, to see whats gone wrong and what hasn’t – a rather interesting read indeed.
  • Gaming Anger Management – A short and badly recorded video of a demo of an indie developer’s game at the Game Jam Sydney 2010 with an intriguing use of sound and colour – but mainly sound.
  • ENN – another offering fromĀ  the well respected Its been around for a while but is certainly worth a look if you aren’t already aware.
February 2nd, 2010
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