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DLC! It seems its all the rage this week, and not surprisingly, as companies are beginning to realize the huge benefit of DLC to increase games’ longevity and indeed, profitability. We’ve got Bioshock 2 DLC confirmed, day one, free DLC for Mass Effect 2 and some dodgy leaked info on the Modern Warfare 2 DLC. Along with that we’ve got NPD sales report, predictions and release dates…and some dates that are no longer release dates.

Modern Warfare 2 DLC

So here’s the scoop on the MW2 Map Packs: A hacker on YouTube claims to have found 6 brand new maps, including the white house, and a separate Map Pack with remakes of CoD4 classics – here’s to hoping. You can check out the video here. Also at CES last week, it was indeed confirmed that Xbox Live would be getting the first Map Pack exclusively to begin with, for at least 30 days – sorry PSN Puckers!

Mass Effect 2 DLC

Bioware have announced The Cerberus Network – a system available to Mass Effect 2 owners, that is, brand new copies, which will give updates and news on upcoming DLC and the like for free. They are currently planning two sets of DLC, both free, one which drops on day one and another shortly after. They promise to deliver new vehicles, weapons, missions and even a new alien chum!

NPD Sales Report

Last week the NPD released it’s most recent data report and surprise surprise, Modern Warfare 2 is the best selling game of 2009, totalling over $1 billion in sales so far, topping the Xbox 360 charts and becoming America’s fourth best selling game of all time. The Sims 3 topped out the PC chart, with MW2 coming in at 5th, presumably suffering from the rage over no dedicated server support. The Wii also secured an impressive number of high placings with it’s “games” – curse you Wii Fit!

Release Dates

In terms of release dates, Splinter Cell Conviction has been pushed back…again; but what with the recent CES there’s been quite a few announcements, so here they are:

  • Sony Motion Controller – Fall 2010
  • New Assassin’s Creed Title next year (supposedly with a multiplayer feature)
  • Natal Christmas 2010
  • Nintendo DS2 predicted 2011
  • Fable III 2010

Market News & Predictions

It hasn’t been a great year for EA – Its closed down studios, taken significant losses and as a result, has recently lowered its’ forecast – under the current CEO John Riccitiellio, EA has reportedly destroyed $11bn in market value, according to former EA senior executive, Mitch Lasky, on his blog. Analysts are predicted something falling through sooner or later and an acquisition looks highly possible; certainly Disney seems interested. Last week it was announced they are planning less games at a higher quality, the operative word being “planning”. Things could get interesting here.

January 20th, 2010
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